“Open Warfare” Against Police? No

“Open Warfare” Against Police? No

Shocking and tragic news of Darren Goforth, a Texas deputy sheriff in uniform who was murdered in cold blood while pumping gas into his patrol car, has ignited passionate response. Thus far, the only suspected motive is the fact he was wearing a police uniform. Only the most callous, fringe element would consider such a


Catching the Bad Guys Matters Gathering evidence to catch violent criminals is a vital function of police. Believe it or not, even criminal defense attorneys want police to be able to catch violent criminals. After all, criminal defense attorneys live in the same jurisdictions as everyone else and have loved ones who could be at

Terrorist or Criminal? What we call people matters.

Words matter. Terms matter. The recent mass murder in a South Carolina church had racial implications, and some people consider the killer a “terrorist”. Our own federal government uses the term “domestic terrorist” for some criminal acts, but using such a term blurs the line between crime and terror and presents a huge problem. Crime

Invalid Driver Licenses, Part I

Legislators appear enamored with holding driver licenses hostage. When I started as a lawyer, I discovered at least 17 different ways people could lose their licenses. Licenses can be invalidated for not paying child support, non-payment of surcharges, conviction of possession of marijuana and other drugs, driving while license invalid, refusal to provide a breath

Institutionalized Bad Faith Forensics

Crime “Labs” in America – Recipe for Corruption What’s worse in the criminal justice system: 1) institutionalized corruption of scientific integrity; or 2) an attempt to manipulate the situation to make it appear one believes scientific integrity is important? Crime lab scandals throughout the United States have become common, with even the vaunted FBI being