Police Accountability in Corpus Christi

Police Accountability in Corpus Christi

CCPD Officer Arrested AGAIN for Assault Corpus Christi Police Department Senior Officer Tommy Cabello was arrested Friday a second time for assault involving a family member.  His previous charge also involved a family member.  One has to wonder whether police accountability exists or where it starts. Ironically, Cabello got into an altercation with yet another

Invalid Driver Licenses, Part II

OMNI Millions of people in Texas simply don’t show up to court or otherwise take care of their tickets. Reasons vary from forgetfulness to fear to outright defiance. Regardless of the reason, it creates a massive caseload of “old” tickets. Literally millions of unpaid/skipped-out-on-court tickets are outstanding in Texas. The sheer volume is so vast

Invalid Driver Licenses, Part I

Legislators appear enamored with holding driver licenses hostage. When I started as a lawyer, I discovered at least 17 different ways people could lose their licenses. Licenses can be invalidated for not paying child support, non-payment of surcharges, conviction of possession of marijuana and other drugs, driving while license invalid, refusal to provide a breath