Kingsville Expungement/Expunction Lawyer

Years after your criminal case is finished, you could continue to be punished.

You may lose your current job, be turned down for a new job, be denied a place to live, and a host of other unsavory consequences. Why? Your criminal record is still held against you, and it might be held against you for the rest of your life.

Do something about it. At the very least, find out whether something can be done. Contact this office immediately.

Clearing or expunging your criminal record and your good name is called “expunction” in Texas. Expunction or expungement usually allows you to deny the arrest ever happened. Agencies which have a record of your arrest are ordered by the court to destroy or permanently seal any reference to your arrest.

Expunction in Texas has traditionally been very limited, but we have seen more situations qualify for expunction in recent years. Contact this firm to help you determine whether you are eligible.

Expunction usually requires the filing of a new lawsuit independent of your criminal case, and each agency which may have records produced as a result of your arrest must be notified of the filing of the lawsuit.


Non-Disclosure is a lesser known, but valuable process which can help people who are not eligible to have their records completely expunged.

Many people who have completed a “deferred adjudication” probation wrongly believe their records will be erased when they satisfactorily complete the probation term.

However, successful completion of such a probation leads to a record of the case being dismissed. Any person has access to the clerk’s record showing you pleaded guilty or nolo contendere, you were placed on probation, you successfully completed probation, and the dismissal itself.

Keeping your case’s records from the public eye is possible through Non-Disclosure. The procedure, like an expunction, requires you to file a lawsuit.

If the judge grants the request for Non-Disclosure, the record will remain available to various agencies and law enforcement, but it is removed from public view.

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