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DWI Defense

MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE FALSELY ACCUSED OF DWI! Approximately 1.5 million people are arrested for DWI annually in the U.S.. GET HELP NOW! The DWI machine snares many fine, upstanding people. You don’t have to be guilty or a bad person to be accused. You are probably embarrassed, upset, and scared. It’s time to take action [..]

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Drug Possession

Phillip W. Goff proudly defends those accused of possessing illegal drugs. Contact me as soon as possible.
Whether you are charged with a personal use amount of drugs or transporting larger amounts, you can be sure I am motivated to help you. A common misconception is that a person is automatically guilty simply because drugs are [..]

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Criminal Law

Being accused of a crime can be one of the most upsetting events in person’s entire life. Fear of jail is an obvious source of stress. The first thing you should understand is trying to handle your matter without an attorney is a mistake. The first action you should take is to contact criminal defense [..]

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Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers have it tough. Your job is challenging in the best of circumstances. Now, the government has placed a giant target on your back. What can you do? Contact my office NOW. You face countless new laws, rules, and regulations; some of them make compliance nearly impossible for even the best drivers. Worse, police [..]

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Motions to Revoke

Important note: This office handles motions to revoke for most criminal cases, not just driving while intoxicated. After being placed on probation (called “community supervision” in statutes), the prosecuting attorney may file a “motion to revoke” probation, alleging the probationer violated the conditions of probation. Probationers often wrongly assume a probation officer can “revoke” them. [..]

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Years after your criminal case is finished, you could continue to be punished. You may lose your current job, be turned down for a new job, be denied a place to live, and a host of other unsavory consequences. Why? Your criminal record is still held against you, and it might be held against you [..]

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